Call a Customer Service Rep

Call a Customer Service Rep

Keep porches and entrances well-lit. Other entranceways, driveways, garages and alleys should be well-lit. Check bulbs regularly.

Our Culture

At First Alarm we believe our culture to be summed up by our Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to enhance life and safety utilizing the finest integrated security solutions, while providing a genuine opportunity for personal growth and career advancement for our employees.”

We recognize that our biggest asset is our employees. We encourage our employees to take advantage of certification programs, as well as, continuing their formal education. At First Alarm you’ll find employees that have been with us for decades, and some are the leaders and innovators in our industry.

First Alarm also supports employees in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The First Alarm FIT FORCE program is designed with our employees in mind. The FIT FORCE program is generally a 12-Week Fitness & Nutrition program offered throughout the year that helps our employees to set and maintain fitness and nutritional goals. At First Alarm we believe in enabling our employees to live an overall balanced life.


“Your officers’ actions undoubtedly saved a life that evening and are certainly worthy of praise. His quick thinking, willingness to become involved, and support of members of the CHP are sincerely appreciated.”

– D.R. Follett, Commander, Monterey CHP