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Keep porches and entrances well-lit. Other entranceways, driveways, garages and alleys should be well-lit. Check bulbs regularly.

Access Control

First Alarm offers various forms of electronic access control systems. Systems typically include an electronic locking mechanism which replaces the existing door strike. Electronic controllers are then installed to communicate with specified doors and respond to signals received from special “readers”.

Persons wishing to gain entry to restricted areas are required to present an electronic key to the reader. The reader passes the information to a computer which records the identification of the user, based on the parameters established for the user, determines whether or not to allow entry.

Using an access control system is one of the best ways to dramatically improve overall security. We install system ranging from 1 to 2 doors and upward. First Alarm is able to design and install access control systems for applications of any size or scope.

Our access control system options include:

    • Electric door locks or magnetic locks
    • Proximity cards
    • Keychain proximity tokens
    • Biometric readers (thumbprint, retina scanner, etc.)
    • Web-based or server based software configuration
    • Photo ID Badge capability
    • Integration with FIRSTVIEW services

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“Your officers’ actions undoubtedly saved a life that evening and are certainly worthy of praise. His quick thinking, willingness to become involved, and support of members of the CHP are sincerely appreciated.”

– D.R. Follett, Commander, Monterey CHP