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Call a Customer Service Rep

Keep porches and entrances well-lit. Other entranceways, driveways, garages and alleys should be well-lit. Check bulbs regularly.


First Alarm understands your need to stay connected to your home or business. When you want to know when your teenager has arrived home from school, check-in on your puppy, or check-in on your employees, we have the solution! FirstConnect gives you the freedom to access to your security system from virtually anywhere!

FirstConnect allows you to access and control your system, while recieving automatic email alerts, and streaming video.

Stay connected with First Connect! Call us today to add this feature!


“Your officers’ actions undoubtedly saved a life that evening and are certainly worthy of praise. His quick thinking, willingness to become involved, and support of members of the CHP are sincerely appreciated.”

– D.R. Follett, Commander, Monterey CHP