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Keep porches and entrances well-lit. Other entranceways, driveways, garages and alleys should be well-lit. Check bulbs regularly.


In 2009, First Alarm launched FIRSTVIEW. Our real-time video services are now bundled under the brand name FIRSTVIEW which include:

• Video Alarm Verification
• Voice Interdiction
• Video Escort of Employees
• Video Patrol Tours
• Behavior Recognition (Loitering, Vandalism, Illegal Dumping, etc. )
• Wireless Trespass System with Video Verification
• Quality Assurance and Safety Monitoring of Employees

During a security event (break-in, suspicious activity, etc.) the FIRSTVIEW system streams video from the protected premises to our Central Station where a security dispatcher views the video information and takes the appropriate action which may include dispatching law enforcement or security. The dispatch may also contact the suspect using FIRSTVIEW’s voice-link system.


This video is an apprehension of two men breaking into a construction trailer to steal the office equipment.

This thief broke into the shelter at the bottom of a cell tower to steal copper. The damage caused was thousands of dollars for a couple hundred dollars of copper. Police were dispatched and the thief was apprehended.

Most video surveillance systems can be equipped with FIRSTVIEW services.

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“Your officers’ actions undoubtedly saved a life that evening and are certainly worthy of praise. His quick thinking, willingness to become involved, and support of members of the CHP are sincerely appreciated.”

– D.R. Follett, Commander, Monterey CHP